Inês Worm-Tirone started her theatre career at a very young age, as an extra in shows at the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval and the Teatro Municipal de São Luiz. In 2001 she performed in front of 16,000 people at the Pavilhão Atlântico in the opening act for the show 'Utopia' by Luís de Matos. She acted in the musical 'Footloose' in 2007 at the Tivoli Theatre, Lisbon and attended a workshop in Stage Acting at ACT (Escola de Formação de Actores, Lisbon) in 2008. She obtained a secondary school degree from the German School of Lisbon and is currently in her second year of a university degree in Performative Arts at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema.



Sofia Furtado has been a member of the Forum Theatre initiative promoted by the Theatre of the Oppressed Group of Lisbon (Grupo de Teatro do Oprimido de Lisboa) since 2009. She has co-written and acted in four theatre plays as a result of this initiative. Sofia made her short film début at the age of 12, when she was part of a traditional African dance group called Sankofa that was the focus of a documentary project. Film credits also include the award-winning 'Nada Fazi', directed by Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra.



Marisa Matos discovered her passion for acting at the age of 14, when she attended a local actors' workshop. Aged 16, Marisa enrolled at the school for professional actors, ACT (Escola de Formação de Actores, Lisbon), where she completed a 3 year course equivalent to a secondary school arts degree that was taught by internationally renown teachers. Currently in her final year of a university degree in Performative Arts at ESTAL (Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Artes de Lisboa), she has worked in TV, theatre and cinema and is represented by the Lisbon-based agency, Next Models. Marisa made her feature film début in 'Nice Trip Bar' by Marie Brand and theatre credits include lead roles in 'Muito Barulho Por Nada', directed by António Pires and 'Entra e Fecha a Porta', directed by Chris Murphy.


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